Revitalization Plan

for Bannerman Park

The Bannerman Park Foundation is devoted to raising the funds to implement the City’s revitalization plan. The goal is to ensure the park remains a cherished city landmark for future generations to enjoy. With your help, a variety of improvements will modernize the park while staying true to its original Victorian character. In addition to the six major projects below, other changes will include upgraded pathways, new trees and flower beds, and new Victorian styled fixtures such as benches, lamps and waste receptacles.


Ice Skating Trail
Ice Trail Sponsored 308w

In the heart of the park, is a new ice skating trail. Sponsored by Gill Ratcliffe Foundation, this ice trail is unique in both its presence in the city and its design. An ingenious loop for an uncommon outdoor skating experience. From October to April, many a day will be spent skating in lazy circles with friends and family on this one-of-a-kind ice skating surface. In the warmer months, in-line skating and cycling will be the order of the day.

Victorian-Style Pool House

To complement Bannerman Park’s public pool, the pool house is being totally redesigned from the ground up. Designed to fit with the historic architecture of the area, this gorgeous space will bring a new and fresh feel to this focal point of the park.

Rotary Splash PadSplash Pad Sponsored 308X203wh-4p-ol-gd-rgb

With the new Rotary Splash Pad, Bannerman Park will be an even better place for children with this fun, exciting, and interactive water space for those hot summer days.

New PavilionPavilion Sponsored 308w

A larger and more accessible pavilion will be a performance space for small-scale cultural activities. The new design will incorporate sound and lighting to accommodate a variety of performances that can be viewed by more people. And it will be wheelchair accessible.

New Playground

Playgrounds offer a great way for children  to stay physically active. Bannerman Park’s new playground facility  will be upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment so kids and their families can play in a safe and fun area that’s accessible for all.

Garden of MemoriesGOM Sponsored 308x203

Sponsored by the Gill Ratcliffe Foundation, this beautiful garden is an inspiration to all who visit it. Featuring a new fountain surrounded by an array of flowers, and the “Story of the Stones” in its pathways – preserving the memories and special moments of friends and neighbors.

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Bannerman Park Plan – Vertical
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